Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ward Halloween Party!!

Last night we went to our Ward Trunk or Treat Party!!! Madi invited her school friend Sarah-they had a blast. They ran from car to car as fast as they could. They made it around about 6 times before their buckets were full-now I have lots of candy to pass out halloween night!!!!!
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just a note!!

Funny story!! Logan came home for the weekend but went surfing instead of the zoo! On Saturday he said he wanted to shave his head like Ryan's-I said Ryan is already married-you are not so don't shave your head. So later, Ryan and Logan locked themselves in my bathroom and shaved Logan's head (fortunately that was after family pictures) Needless to say he looks adorable, but it reminded me of when they were little and did naughty things together (like coloring on walls or putting toy trucks in the toilet to name a few)-and now they look exactly alike again (sorry no picture) You can look at Ryan below and get the idea!!! I love my twins!!

Family Pictures!!!

Day 4 was family pictures. I have not gotten any back from my photographer but Tiffany snapped a few on her camera so this is a few of those. I will add the ones of the whole family when I get them!!! I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!
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The San Diego Zoo!!

On day 3-Ryan, Amber and James joined us as well as Grandma and Grandpa Lang!!! We went to the zoo which we should have done on day 1 because it didn't seem very fun after Disneyland for 2 days!! Oh well-live and learn!!! Ryan and James hanging at the zoo!
The Panda mama was nursing her baby!! It was so cute and sweet!

Ryan, Amber and James!!!

Grandma with her two little ones-Sadie and James!! James is waving hi!!

All our babies in front of the zoo-Ellie, James, Madison, Sadie and Brooklyn!! I LOVE THEM!!!!!

California Adventure!!

Day Two- This was the toy Ellie choose at the end of the two day adventure!!!

Brooklyn and Madi preparing to go on Toy Story-a new cool 3-D ride at California Adventure!
Papa and Ellie in their cool 3-D glasses:)

Waiting in line!

Papa and Brooklyn on the Merry-Go-Round!!


Tiffany and Ellie on the Mattahorn-the first ride of the day! Ellie was not too happy about it!!

We went for an easier ride (or as Brooklyn and Madi call it-a baby ride) The Winnie the Pooh ride!! Much more Ellie's speed!
The 3 Princesses looking at the castle!

A visit with Pooh himself!

Me and my beautiful girls!

5 Generations!!!!

We went to visit my grandparents while Tiffany was visiting this past week so here is a five generation picture!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

High on a Mountain Top

We hiked at Twin Lakes-this is Tim on top of a mountain of rocks!
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The Beauty of Mammoth Lakes

We went to Mammoth Lakes last weekend and these are of few of the nature shots we took. It
really is one of the most beautiful places on earth
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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rainbow Falls

We hiked to Devil's Postpile and then on to Rainbow Falls. A nice 5 mile hike and this was at the bottom of the falls.
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A Weekend in Mammoth Lakes

This weekend we had a nice getaway to Mammoth. This picture was taken at the top of the falls at Twin Lakes!!! It was the perfect weekend-amazing weather-good company-RELAXATION!!!!
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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mandy and Jamie's Wedding!!

Mandy and Jamie were married on Friday, October 10th in the Los Angeles Temple. After many years of courtship they finally made it to the alter-yipee!! Shannon and Madison were both a part of this beautiful celebration as bridesmaid and flower girl. Tim and I went to the ceremony on friday and the reception on Saturday at my cousin Dean and Billie's home. It was a beautiful event and a great time was had by all. Congratulations you guys-we love you!! Mandy's husband Jamie with the flower girls-so cute!Shannon, Mandy and Madison before the BIG party!! Mom and daughter in their wedding attire!
Tim with his two beautiful girls!
This is my new haircut-I am still not sure about it!

Sweet picture of Madi and Mandy-they love eachother!

Madison's 6th Birthday Party Celebration!!

Madison choose to have a Spongebob Square Pants Party (which is mostly a boy party) but we went all out Spongebob and the girls loved it!!
We had the party at a nearby park and Shannon and Madi took a swing!
Madi loves Spongebob!!
The girls had a moment with Madi's dad under the play equipment-he is a fun daddy!!
Madi loves her dad!! Thanks for making the trip, it meant alot to her!