Friday, September 26, 2008

First Grade Speech!

Madison had to do a poster and speech for class this week. She created a poster all about her family, favorite food, favorite activities and favorite places to visit! Then she had to present her poster to the class. She practiced it at home in front of her mom and us (her grandparents)! She was so cute saying, "Hello my name is Madison Bingham and I'm here to share a little bit about my poster"-then she talked about all the different pictures and then at the end she said, "thank you-are there any comments or questions?" How cute is that? I don't have a picture but I just thought it was cute!!! By the way, she scored a 4 out of 4!!!! The teacher said great!!! She exceeded expectations!! I am very proud of her:)

Monday, September 22, 2008

San Diego Temple!!!!

We went to the temple Friday night and as we were leaving were were noticing how beautiful the view of the temple was from where our car was parked!! I had my camera so I decided to take a picture to show you just how lucky we are to have our temple so close to our home here. My camera is not very good so it does not do it justice, but it is still amazing!!!
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Primary Program!

On sunday we had our annual Sacrament Meeting Primary program. Madison did a great job with her part. She had it memorized and actually said it loud and clear into the microphone!! She is very shy and normally will not go up when the primary's sings but she did super for this program-way to go Madi!! I took this picture before church since we cannot take a picture in the chapel:)

Monday working in the classroom

On Monday's I will be working in Madi's classroom helping the kids with reading and other activites. Today we were reading with Madi's group:)

Monday, September 8, 2008


James could not believe we would allow him to just dig in to the cake and nobody stopped him. He started out slow but soon dug in-even fed some to dadddy!

Matching Outfits!

This picture was from the day of the party. Madi and I just happened to be dressed alike. I thought it was a cute picture and wanted to post it-that's all!!

Silly Madi!

The balloon's for the party came with these funny stickers to decorate the balloons-
but we decorated Madi's face instead!!

A party for James!!

Oh boy presents!Madi loves balloons!

Tim-a balloon peacock!!

Yummy cake!!
We had a little party for James at Grandma and Grandpa Lang's house.
He loved that cake and fun was had by all!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy First Birthday Sweet Baby James!!!

Our sweet little grandson James turned one today! This picture is from their visit last weekend. He is so precious and so good natured. Tim and I took him shopping on Saturday and he was so sweet. Tomorrow we will go celebrate his birthday with some family. I will post the pics from that later.

Lost another tooth!!!!

Madison lost her second tooth today-ironically on the same day she went to the dentist. It had been loose for weeks and she finally wiggled it out at school. The teacher had a sticker for her that said "I lost a tooth" that she was wearing when i picked her up:) Now there is a nice gap!!!

A trip to the dentist:(

A little nervous!!
A little laughing gas and all was well!
Madison had he first filling today-she actually had 4!!!

Swim Lessons for Madi

Madi and Sarah-best buddies!!!!

Madison is still taking swim lesson at the YMCA even though summer is sort of over (actually is summer ever over in San Diego)??? She loves to swim!!! So I thought I would share a few shots from her Wednesday lesson!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Kindergarden Celebration!

Since I just started the blog I decided to go back to Madison's end of the year kindergarden party. She had some great friends in her kindergarden class.

The Karate Kid!!

Robert has been taking karate (Kempo) lessons for the last few months. He just passed his second belt test (orange belt). He goes 3 days a week and has been asked to help teach in the classes with younger kids a couple days a week! So watch out-if you cross him he might sudo chop you:)

Happy Birthday to Logan and Ryan

We celebrated Logan and Ryan's 23rd Birthday at the Outback! Yummy! Happy Birthday boys-we love you!