Friday, April 24, 2009


Madison's school had "No TV for a week" to help promote reading. They are trying to get each kid to read 20 minutes a night 6 nights a week for six weeks for a total of a half of a million minutes!!!! WOW! So the school put on a few activities in the evenings for the kids. One was bubbleology. This guy came an put on a really cool bubble show! He put a kid in a bubble!
Madison and her friend Zoe sat together!

This was the bubbleology guy!

A BIG long bubble!

A COOl square bubble!! It was a super fun evening!!
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Madi got her ears pierced!!!!!

Madison has been wanting to get her ears re-pierced (she had them piecred as a baby but one fell out so we let them close)! We explained that it hurts and they might be sore and you have to take care of them-she still wanted to so...Shannon said okay and this is the pictures from that day! She is very excited and they look super pretty!
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Great grandparents!

Who doesn't love a little baby???
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Madi loves her cousins!
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An Easter Beauty!

Madison looked so beautiful on Easter sunday-these are a few pictures I took that day!
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A week of fun!

All and all it was a great week with my babies!! We had so much fun together. They went to bed late everynight-sorry parents! It was a true grandma week and I loved it!! Brooklyn had grandparents day at school too!!! Dave says he will let me come back and babysit again-I can't wait!!! I love those girls so much!


Brooklyn and Emri had a bit of a dance off!! One of the best parts of the week!!!! A good laugh!
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We went bowling too!!!
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Easter Party!

Ellie had a little easter hunt and party at pre-school. This is the cute little bunny I picked up at the end!!!
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Went to the temple!

Madison's dad and his wife Mindy were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple on their 3rd anniversary. We met them afterwards to take some pictures!! Madison's grandparents, the Bingham kids, Madi and Aunt Michelle, and of coarse Madi with her dad and brother and stepmom Mindy and brother Ryler!!
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Just hung out!!

They were bathed everyday and had their hair done but grandma was still in pj's!!
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The Park!

Went to the park!!!
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Sugar Cereal!

Ate sugar cereal everyday!!!! Sorry Tiffany!!!
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Movie Night!

I went to Utah for 10 days to babysit the grandkids while Tiff and Dave went on a cruise! We did many fun things while I was there! We had movie night!!!!
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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nice to meet you!!!

We went to the hospital to meet Emily! She is precious. I am going to Utah for 10 days to take are of Tiffany's kids so I won't see this little darling again til then!!! Oh btw-great job Amber. She was a champ and is doing well.
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Beautiful Baby!!

This baby is sooooooo cute!! She is a tiny little thing and just perfect!!!!
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Proud grandma!!!

Two beautiful girls!!!
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Meet cousin Madison!

The oldest grandchild and the youngest!!!! Madison loves babies so she was in heaven holding her new baby cousin!
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Not sure what to make of all this!!

James came to the hospital yesterday to meet Emily! He was not that impressed!! He was kissing her, but for the most part NOT INTERESTED!!!
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