Thursday, January 22, 2009

More pics!!

Grandma and James!!
James wearing a basket (hat) on his head!!

Ryan and James-too cute!!!
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A visit to see James

On Tuesday I went to Santa Clarita to see my baby boy and visit a couple of friends. I went out to lunch with my firends Mimi and Joanna!! Super fun!! Then I visited my dear friend Tori. We can always chat for hours! We have been friends for over 26 years now!! I love my SCV peeps!! Then I went to see James (oh and Ryan and Amber too!!) He was so funny playing his little guitar and dancing. I had a very fun visit and Amber made homemade pizza-YUMMY!!!
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Friday, January 16, 2009

It's January at the beach!!

We live in one of the most beautiful places on earth! We have had a beautiful week weather wise this week! This evening, I picked up Tim from the train station which is right next to Moonlight Beach so we stopped by and took these pictures! It is truely breathtaking!!!!!!
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Thursday, January 15, 2009

100 BOOKS!!!!

Since the beginning of the school year Madison has been participating in a reading program called Boost. You get a list of books to choose from and read 20 books from the list and then hand it in to your teacher and she signs off on it, then you take it to the Media Center (school library) and get a certificate and the list of books for the next level! Yesterday, Madison read her 100th book to complete level 5 (the black level). The next level is brown (the last level). She is the first one in her class to reach this level. I am so proud of her and how far she has come in her reading-it really is amazing what words she is reading now!!!! She is a wonderful student!!! So props to Madi for this accomplishment!!!!! (the picture is from Mandy's wedding but I thought it was a cute one!!)
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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tiff's favorite thing to do!

Tiffany loves to do puzzles (since she was a young girl)! So she busted out the puzzle during the amazing Utah game and got a helping hand from Logan, Baley and Justin
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Kisses for Logan!

WE LOVE THIS BABY!!!! Sadie is giving kisses now and she puckered up for her Uncle Logan!
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Madison with her dad, stepmom and Baby brother!

Whenever we go to Utah Madison has a chance to spend time with her dad, stepmom Minday and sweet baby brother Ryler. She spent almost a week at their home making snowmen, snow forts, gingerbread houses, princess make-up and just hanging out. Madison loves them so much and was so happy to spend time with them. She also got to do Christams gifts from the grandparents-needless to say she was a very spoiled girl!!! Thanks guys for the great visit!!
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Proud Grandparents

We went on a great trip to Utah the week after Christmas. I am so glad Tim was able to take a little time off and go too!! We had so much fun with the grandkids and also our big kids.
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The girls had a sleep over in the basement at Tiffany's.
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Fun in the snow!

Brooklyn, Ellie and Madi making snow angels!! They are so cute and have so much fun together!
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My sweet Sadie

How can you resist this face?????
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Cute little Ellie!

This little girl is so sweet and so cute!!!!!
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The Lights at Temple Square!!

On our trip to Utah we (Tim, Shari, Tiffany, Logan and Baley) went to see the lights at Temple Square! It is always a treat and in spite of the cold we loved every minute!!
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