Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Brooklyn's First Train Ride!!

Today we took the train to downtown to meet Grandpa Tim and Shannon for lunch! Brooklyn had never been on a train and really wanted to go so...

Madi and Brooklyn showing their tickets!!
These two are pretty cute together!!

Waving goodbye on the train!

Sitting in the train!

The view from the train-beautiful day today!!!

The two girls looking out the window!

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Crazy Hair!!!

When I took Madi's braid out this morning and she shook her hair out, this is what she saw! Her and Brooklyn laughed so hard!!!! I actually think it's cute!!!
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Generation 2 Generation!

When Tiffany was growing up she used to sit on her ledge in her bedroom and do puzzles. She still loves to do them. While we were in Mammoth she did a few! Well this morning I woke up at 6:45 am and found this sight!!! Brooklyn doing a puzzle!!!
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Monday, July 27, 2009

Mammoth Trip

Family picture in Mammoth! We took a trip to Mammoth for Tim's birthday (and my dad's birthday) and we had all our kids and grandkids as well as my parents and Robert's girlfriend Sasha!
Angel baby!!


Cousins enjoying ice cream!!

Sadie lady at the lake eating her ice cream!!

Lovin cousins!!

Daddy's lovin babies!

Displaying more crafts!

Were so happy to be done with that 5 mile hike!!!

Sibling bonding!

Hike completed!! Brooklyn and Shari not pictured but did complete the hike too!

Even walking 5 miles didn't stop these two from having fun

At 11,000 ft. there is snow!!!!!!! A 5 mile hike! Riding bikes and cars!

Grandparent bonding!!!


More crafts!!!

Sometimes sheer exhaustion!!!!!

Fun cousin time at a picnic at the Earthquake Fault!

The boys rode bikes down the Mountain!!

Robert and his girlfriend Sasha. One of the days we met the boys for a picnic!

Whenever the boys get together there is always guitars and singing!! The twins are really good and fun to listen to!!

Day 3

On day 3 of Brooklyn's visit we went to
my brothers house for a swim bbq! The girls had a blast on their fun slide!!
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Monday, July 20, 2009

More fun!!!

These girls are not camera shy!!!
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Moonlight Beach

Madi and Brooklyn-best cousins!

These two girls are precious!
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Brooklyn & Madi

Brooklyn is visiting for 2 weeks!! Were trying to pack as much fun in as we can!!!
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Girls Camp!!

Went to Girls Camp last week! We had a great time! The girls in my group were amazing! This was the morning we came home! Still having fun!!
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Trip to Utah!

Madi and I went to Utah to visit the Snow's and Madison went to see her dad and family! We had so much fun but did not take many pictures!! Whoops!
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